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1959 Nash Metropolitan Convertible

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The Nash Metropolitan small economy subcompact car was introduced in the United States and Canada in March 1954 and was sold until 1962. Built in England by Austin to Nash specifications, the 85-in. wheelbase Metropolitan was offered in 2-door hardtop and convertible models.


While most U.S. automobile makers were following a "bigger-is-better" philosophy, Nash Motor Company executives were examining the market to offer American buyers an economical transportation alternative. The Metropolitan was designed in the United States and it was patterned from a concept car, the NXI (Nash Experimental International), that was built by Detroit-based independent designer William J. Flajole for Nash –Kelvinator.


Metropolitans  came with several standard features that were optional on most cars of the era. Among these factory-installed benefits for customers were a map light, electric windshield wipers, cigar lighter, and even a "continental-type" rear-mounted spare tire with cover. An AM radio, "Weather-Eye" heater, and whitewall tires were offered as optional extras for the US market (It is unlikely that a Metropolitan could have been purchased without Heater & Radio, as all vehicles left the factory with both items fitted).

January 1959 saw the start of Metropolitan Series IV (NK4) production (Commencing with VIN E59048 on 12 January 1959). This major re-design saw the addition of an external decklid (previous models only allowed access to the trunk through the rear seat back) and vent windows. By this time, the engine had been up-graded by increasing the compression ratio from 7.2:1 to 8.3:1 (Commenced VIN E43116 - October 15, 1957) giving an output of 55 bhp. The additional features added 15 lb to the weight. The car was a 3 speed standard shift on the column, rear wheel drive with a four cylinder 1500cc engine. The MSRP for Series IV models was $1,672.60 (Hardtop) and $1,696.80 (Convertible).

Production ceased in April 1961 (final VIN - E95981 built 19 April 1961). Sufficient inventory existed for continuation of sales until March 1962.

The top sales year for the Metropolitan was 1959, with a combined production between the US and Canada of  22,209 units, helping to spur on the introduction of the Big Three's (General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler) new compact models.  Out of the 22,209 cars produced in 1959 only 20% (about 4400) were convertibles, It is estimated that out of those only about 10-15% survived.   Furthermore the car has become one of the 10 best collectibles.

This particular car’s story goes back to being purchased in 1959 by a woman in NY.  She kept the car from 59 to 1988, the car was rarely driven in the later years and was sold to the man I bought it from.  When I got it in the mid 90’s, it was a driveable car but needed cosemetic work.  I have spent all that time till now completely rebuilding the car at a cost of over $40K plus many hours of labor and research. Almost every component of this car has been hand rebuilt.

 Gas tank has had the renu lifetime restoration.  All brakes components and 5 new correct size and type wide whitewall tires were installed. (Includes the new tire on the spare/continental kit). The Heater core for the “Weather-Eye" heater is also new.

 All new clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing and flywheel. Full new exhaust sytem same as OEM. The engine and transmission including the complete shifter have had a complete total professional rebuild. The suspension has been rebuilt, new shocks, kingpins, bearings ect…

Fresh new interior, new convertible top and parade boot are georgeous!! Careful attention was paid to the details and keeping this car as original as possible.  Even the vacum tube AM radio works! Every component was tested and all work beautifully.  The paint is the original colors of #912 Berkshire Green and #914 frost white. The engine is the original green with the red fan.  This has always been a convertible and was never modified.  The serial number is E62584. The model number is 561, the body number is 62642, the engine number is 15F-N-H 10070.  The carbuerator has the correct date code also.  

The car is currently registered in NY with it’s original Licence plates which will go with the vehicle when I sell it.  Included is the technical serice manual and many, many extra parts.  This excellent example of a 59 Nash Metropolitan convertible is being offered at $25,000.  Please call 518-758-9163 for more info. Located about 20 miles south of Albany NY.